RFIDSolutionGlobal is an comprehensive enterprise-level RFID Products manufactuer, RFID systems integrator and solution provider, is founded in 2007 with 10 millions registered capital. The main business covers all kinds of RFID Reader, Handheld Terminals, NFC Devices, RFID Modules, RFID Antennas, RFID & NFC Tags/Labels, RFID Wristbands, RFID Keyfobs, NFC Metro Tokens, RFID Inlay Sheets, Smart Card, RFID Blocking Card, RFID industry tag and etc.

RFIDSolutionGlobal located in Shanghai, having branch factories in Shenzhen city, Xiamen city and etc. We are specialized in leading research, production and sales of special spare parts & materials for IOT RFID application, hundred percent are focuses on customized development for security needs, our goals are:

  • Value added
  • Solve problems
  • Win-Win

As a professional and practised manufacturing company, we have buit up a series of workable and effective quality control system. Below are two major quality control inspection:


Incoming Quality Control Inspection


1. Purpose:

Checking all incoming material including sub-contractor provide products to ensure the quality meet requirement and nonconformity is found in time so as to prevent released nonconforming incoming material.


2. Scope:

Incoming materials (Expect some material for mold making and ship-to-stock material), including customer-

supplied material and sub-contactor supplied products


3. Definition: N/A

3.1 RMT: RMT is the short form of Receiving Move Ticket.

3.2 MRB: MRB Store means the rejected area assigned by store.


4. Responsibility:

4.1 IQC is responsible for the inspection and test of all in-coming material and parts.

4.2 Purchasing is responsible for informing non-conforming material to vendors / sub-contractors.


5. IQC Flow Chart

6. Finished Products Inspection

  • 2007
    RFIDSolutionGlobal Technologies Co., Ltd. was founded. Released the first high power HF reader moduleRD600 and UHF reader module with R2000 in China, supporting ISO14443A/B, ISO15693, ISO18000
  • 2008
    Released barrier-free intelligent attendance equipment. Product was successfully applied for the NPC, the UHF, the HF, the LF, the CPPCC and the party congress in different cities in China, taking the first market share.
  • 2009
    Released HF series of medium power and UHF series of high power readers, improving the medium and high power readers product line.
  • 2010
    Shenzhen International Internet of Things and Smart China Exhibition (IoTE), which is China’s largest and most comprehensive IoT/RFID exhibition, chose our barrier-free entrance ticket validation system and spoke highly of our products. In the same year, outlets all over the country of Hua Xia Bank and China Construction Bank used our micro-power reader for big amount electronic deposits.

Production Line

All of RFIDSolutionGlobal Electronics products are finished by skilled staff in our own factory which is to abide by 6S management system. Every step of production is under strict quality control management.


We are able to accpet OEM or ODM orders due to our rich experience of RFID Tag, RFID Card, RFID Wristband, RFID Keyfob, RFID reader and antenna R&D capability and skillful staff. Please tell your requirements and discuss with our sales and engineering team, then we would give you a feasible proposal.


Our advantage on R&D:

1. More than ten years experience in RFID Tag, RFID Card, RFID wristband, RFID keyfob, and RFID reader & antenna research and development

2. Close partner with NXP to sign a series of NDA of new products research and development with NXP

3. Got 11 patents, including 1 for invention, 5 for utility models, 5 for design and 7 software copyright

4. Being rewarded as “IOT Star for RFID Reader Manufacturer” for a two years in a row at 2015 and 2016 by the International Internet Of Things And Application Promotion Association

As a leading RFID company, we are known for our large selection of RFID hardware such as RFID Tags, RFID Card, RFID Inlay, RFID Wristband, RFID key fobs and RFID Readers that cover a large range of frequencies including Active 2.45 GHz, Gen 2 UHF 865-868 MHz, 902-928 MHz, High Frequency 13.56 MHz, and Low Frequency 125 KHz/134 KH—all designed with the leading edge in mind to offer amazing benefits.

We carry a large selection of RFID readers in Active, UHF, GEN2 / EPC, LF and with a variety of types including Bluetooth, USB, embedded, desktop, barcode, integrated and much more.  Feel free to browse our RFID readers – click here.

To complement our RFID Readers we carry a large selection of RFID tags in Active, UHF, Gen2 / EPC, HF,  LF and Semi Passive frequencies. Our specialty RFID tags are designed for any business need including tags that withstand high temperature, are waterproof, rugged, work with metal environments or hazardous environment, used specifically for medical applications and much, much more.  Browse through our selection of RFID Tags – click here.

To enhance your RFID system, we carry a number of RFID peripherals including RFID printers, relay controllers, antennas, transmission terminals and more. RFID Peripherals and antennas can help to expand the reach of your signals, cover dead spots and integrate the RFID into machinery and more.  Browse our RFID Peripherals – click here and our RFID Antennas – click here.

Our RFID software is powerful and fully customizable to your needs.  The core of the software is built on our “Middleware” platform which sends control commands to RFID readers that relay RFID tag information.  With this core software we can easily adapt the software to any system need, quicker than any of our competitors.

Our software can be integrated into existing systems or tailored to a specific industry with custom reports and data tracking.  Learn more about our RFID Software – click here.

An RFID system is an integration of RFID readers, paired tags and software designed to meet the need of a business or industry. RFID systems offer a number of benefits including saving time and money, increasing productivity, securing and tracking important assets and much more.

We offer a number of core systems that can be adapted to your specific needs, in your part of the world.  Whether you need to control access to your building or parking lot, need to track assets in your building, monitor your employees or contractors on a job site or track items along an assembly line we have an RFID system to help you.  Learn more about our systems by Industry – click here.  Learn more about our RFID Systems in general – click here.